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FighterFood is a home delivery services that provides you with healthy ready made meals which are ideal for people on the go who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

All our dishes are made to the highest standard using the freshest ingredients which are delivered to our kitchen daily. We promise high quality food, made by skilled chefs, using the finest, freshest ingredients we can source. And best of all its delivered right to your do

We have numerous professional sports athletes and personal trainers who regularly use our service as well as people looking to lose weight or just to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out our delicious dishes now!

12 Meals (6 Lunch & 6 Dinners) for €90 with free Delivery. 

Add 6 soups for an extra €10

*Orders under €50 are subject to a €5 delivery charge 

Contact us on the below  to place your order now:

Simon - 0864545423 

Lucy - 0868562688 

How to Order:

You can choose from the selection of meals on our Menu pages and combine your choices to include six lunches and six dinners. 

Orders need to be placed before 5.00 pm on Thursday  for delivery the next week. The meals will be delivered to your door on Saturday . We deliver anywhere within the Dublin area. 

If you have any questions you can contact us by calling the above numbers or by submitting a form here

How to Store your Meals:

In order to keep your meals as fresh as possible we recommend you store your first three days meals in the fridge (both Lunch and Dinner) and keep the rest stored in the freezer. On the third day take out the rest of the meals and put them in the fridge to let them defrost. These should be left in the fridge and are ready to be consumed throughout the rest of the week.

Cathal Pendred has been talking to where he blogs about the benefits fighterfood has had on his training regime & diet. 

Check it out HERE

Healthy Eating:

We provide a wide range of Meals, most of which are suitable for both Paleo and low carb diets. These can be seen by the P or LC initials beside the dish.

We have introduced nutritional information labels on a wide range of our dishes and list all the ingredients used  to ensure you know exactly what you are eating.

Check out our Menus:

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What the Pros are Saying:

The meals were high in protein and helped me keep my muscle mass but loose fat. Not only that, but the food tasted amazing too!"

Cathal pendred, UFC Fighter